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Hello everyone!! I'm a proud owner of a a silver 2002 BMW 325i! So I have a few questions in regards to my vehicle.. It currently has 84k miles and some work has been done to it:
-Oil and filter (Mobil 1 full synthetic 5-30 and Bosch filter)
-Coolant change (used BMW coolant 50/50 water)
-4 rotors (front are Brembo and rear are Zimmermann)
-4 brake pads (Textar)
-6 NGK plugs
-6 Brembi coils
-Cabin filter
-Smoked side markers and corner lights

The car is running fantastic! HOWEVER, there are a few things circulating in my mind...
The yellow "Service Engine Soon" light is on and the error codes that read are P0491 and P0492. I've been reading the forums, but I am still not sure what to do next. Also, the car makes a ticking sound when I start the car. Not sure what that is about. Also, should I change my VANOS seals? Is that sound a symptom that I need to change them? I still need to register the car, but it must be smogged. It won't pass smog because the light is on. This is my first post and I'm glad I got everything out of my mind :). When the car is mechanically sound, I would like to make some aesthetic changes. Some things I have in mind:
-HID 800k + Angel Eyes
-M Tech II Bumpers

Anything else I should do?

Thank you all!!!


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E46 member Alex did a real nice writeup on this very problem:

Next oil change, switch to Mobil 1 O-W40 (or the BMW/Castrol oil if you can get it for a good price). The 5W-30 you`re using is too thin, which is probably why you`re getting a little lifter noise. Nothing to lose sleep over.
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