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I was able to get a homelink switch and a nice set of interior B pillar trims in the junkyard. $18 worth of upgrade.

The homelink was an easy upgrade since it's just taking out the map light assembly and the sunroof panel out. There's a 3 wire plug hidden on the right side of the sunroof motor that just plugs in the homelink module. I have to cut the piece which already has a cutout for it in place and re-assemble it up.

The B pillar trim, some just pull the lower trim causing the lower trim to break the tabs (I found this issue on the cars I test drove) which is a big no-no. The door sill plastic (?) needs to be removed and the lower trim needs to be pulled down to prevent those tabs from breaking. The seat has to be adjusted at the very top position to access the bolt (#16 socket) that anchors the seat belts, I've seen people removing the plastic trim around the seat which is not necessary.

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