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Molding on e46 sedan

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What do you guys think about painting the black side, front, and rear molding to match the body paint on a e46 sedan? Is it too Honda-ish???
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Depends on a lot of things

It depends on the color of your car and how extensive a job you do.

For example, IMO, the heat-extractor grill area in the hood looks much better body color as it is on a 330, although not a 325. Likewise, the trim pieces between the roof and doors and the little trim piece above the license plate.

Depending on the color of the car --- other parts may look better in body color. Err on the side of not going too far towards the dip-coated look.

I wouldn't do the bumper trim on a white car for example.

Good luck.
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I kind of like the Black plastic trim, put do NOT like the titanium trim on 330s, exept on silver cars...
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