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More of a difference? New suspen. or no more RFTs?

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I have a E90 with the sports package and the Bridgestone RFT's

Like everyone states, the RFT's are pretty rough. The BMW sport suspension, where I do like it on smooth roads, can get pretty ugly over potholes/railroad tracks/dips/etc.

What is more the problem of the rough ride? the suspension? or the brick-like RFTs?

I ask this because I currently have a 2011 328xi loaner, without sport, and WITHOUT RFT's (noticed my local dealer has removed all RFTs from their loaner cars) and well the loaner does not handle as well, but is awesome over rough roads/bumps/etc.

I don't want my car to ride exactly like that, I like the tighter suspension, but what would make a bigger difference?

a) ditching the BMW sport suspension and picking up some new shocks - like Koni, Eibach, H&R or something


b) ditching the RFT's and get some nice non-RFT performance tires? (would wait until spring until i get my 19s and non-RFT's would go on these)

Obviously the easy answer is to do both, but I don't want to drop $2,000-$2,500 for both new tires/wheels AND having a new set of springs installed. Leaning on getting non-RFT's, but I am kind of ignorant to the BMW sport suspension and the other options that are available.