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Mothers "Back to Black"

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I recalled someone not liking this product because of longevity(same problem I have with Griots Vinyl and Rubber dressing). Found it on sale so for $3 I said "what the hell.." Used it on my mudflaps and tires. We'll see how long it your observations of this product if you used it before please.
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alee said:

Believe it or not, peanut butter is the best thing to use to remove excess wax residue from your black trim pieces.

It's an old trick that I've heard over the years... I thought it was crazy until I tried it myself. Careful with chunky peanut butter or it will swirl (that isn't a joke). Smooth and creamy does the job. :thumb:
Same here:D

Had some residue last week that appeared from waxing a few days earlier:( a little JIF and voila no more white residue on the trim:thumb:
Chris330ci said:

How exactly does one go about applying and removing PB once it's on? Is it something to do with the oil? Anybody try plain old peanut oil? :dunno:
Not sure about the oil, we had this discussion last week.

PB discussion on wax residue

I used my fingers to apply it and cotton terry to remove it. Then my dog got the towel from the laundry pile and went nuts:D
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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