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Mothers "Back to Black"

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I recalled someone not liking this product because of longevity(same problem I have with Griots Vinyl and Rubber dressing). Found it on sale so for $3 I said "what the hell.." Used it on my mudflaps and tires. We'll see how long it your observations of this product if you used it before please.
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I have back to black... lasts for a month or so. Then the white residue reappears.

Peanut butter works fine, but it's annoying to apply & stinks.

Black Again is supposed to be the best.
alee said:

Your peanut butter stinks? Remind me not to eat at your house. :yikes:
Yah, have you ever noticed how peanut butter stinks of.... umm, peanut butter. :p I noticed an increased presence of squirrels and cats around my car after the application.
Chris330ci said:

How exactly does one go about applying and removing PB once it's on? Is it something to do with the oil? Anybody try plain old peanut oil? :dunno:
It's messy. I just used a cloth to apply and and worked it in there. I don't think it's just the oil. Not a easy process but it works well.
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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