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Has anyone picked up the April issue of MT? This month's issue compares each M to the AMG. After reading the first two articles on the M3 and M5, you sort of know where the whole magazine is leaning towards ;) After that, I didn't really read anymore, just skimmed and read the end of each review, each time, finding that ALL the Ms got their votes :thumb:

Here's what they tested:
M3 cab vs. CLK55
M5 vs. E55
M roadster vs. SLK 32
X5 4.6is vs. ML55

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I bought it, but don't really like MT that much :dunno: Thier writing kinda sucks :(

Pick up the new issuse of CAR to see what auto mags should be. Great review of the 7 and reviews of Idrive...:thumb:
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