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If you will only put on one coat max per session: Z1,Z2,Z6,Z7.
Else: Zfx,Z2,Z6,Z7.
If you have some very light swirls you may also want to get Z5 too. Those are the minimum you should get.

Zaino(and any other quality product) will work best ONLY if you have prepared a nice/clean/smooth paint surface for it to work on.

Clean/Clay Bar/etc. carefully until you are happy you have a very nice and smooth surface. If you need to take out swirl marks/scratches do it before Zaino.
Dawn wash again and start the Zaino routine.

Use quality towel to buff off Zaino. Get quality wash mitts for the weekly wash. Use Z6 frequently between wash or when necessary.

Zaino is easy to use and last long. You will like it.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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