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I am moving back to NY State in the middle of June. I have reserved a 16' truck from Penske. They are cheaper than U-haul, Ryder, Budget and they only use brand new trucks and have unlimited miles for 5 days. I have used them before too. Anyway, my wife will be driving her car and I will be driving the truck, so I also reserved a car carrier to haul my BMW (not bad for $750 total rental).

My question is about their towing tire chart. They have 2 columns for the tow dolly and the car carrier. Of course I plan on using the car carrier.

Wheel SizeWheel Type
TDCC 17"
225 60 R 17 YY
225 70 R17NY
235 50 R17NY
235 60 R17NY
235 70 R17NY
235 75 R17NY
245 50 R17NY
245 60 R17NY
245 70 R17NY
255 50 R17NY
255 60 R17NY
255 70 R17NY
265 50 R17NY
265 60 R17NY
265 70 R17NN
275 50 R17NN

18" and LargerAll sizes too largeNN

I currently have 18" rims on my car (235/40/18 & 265/35/18) and even though the chart says 18" is too big, will it actually be a problem? I don't see why. I checked the other rental truck sites and they did not mention anything about tire size on their car carriers.

These are the car carrier load limitations:

Towed vehicle at widest point:79 inches Minimum width:42" between inside of tiresMaximum weight:4,055 pounds Maximum wheel base:125 inches

I am pretty sure the E39 will fit. Any other tips or suggestions? I have driven plenty of large trucks, but never towed anything. Thanks

Long Distance Runner
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Do I have to worry about any road debris that I would not encounter if it was driven? Would a custom car cover stay on at highway speeds? I hope that I don't have to take off my front lip spoiler to drive it up on the trailer. Although it would only require me to take off 4 screws to remove it.
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