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Dear Forum members:

Mon 4-25-05 @ 11:58hrs, This post is about the outcome of me paying new tire fees and labor, for a flat tire on a 10,000 mile loaner BMW 330i.

I received a phone call from Mr. Clay Nalley the owner of Nalley BMW himself, shared with me how he had just read my letter I sent last Friday, and how he apologizes for any inconvenience it might had caused me and is sending me a refund of $223.24 today.

In conclusion: With Mr. Nalley doing this, restore what faith I had lost in Nalley BMW, and it still by my personal experience Nalley BMW is still the #1 BMW dealer here in the Atlanta GA area in my book, and my family and I will continue doing all our auto business with Nalley BMW. (formally aka Chris BMW)


UPDATE: Nalley BMW Refund status...

I want to first thank you for hearing me vent and posting here at the BMW forum about my loaner BMW 330i flat tire issue.

Today I received my refund from Nalley BMW on: 4-27-05...{SEE e60 Forum for copy of actual Nalley BMW check refund. I tried to copy is here at "Bimmerfest" but it size the size is too large, but it is posted over at the e60 forum},

CLICK ON:***entry121031

I will continue to pass by Hank Aaron's BMW (which I am told is an excellent Atlanta area BMW dealer also), 10 miles from my home and go 100 miles (round trip), out of my way to be treated fairly at Nalley BMW on my BMW e60 530i service and parts, and be able to continue to reserve me a loaner BMW (when needed).



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