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Hi folks, just new to the site and it's mainly to get an owners opinion on what might be causing my car to overheat. My overflow tank burst a few weeks ago and I had it replaced as well as the thermostat (which had been stuck in the open position) It worked great for about 100 kms and then started to overheat again, and burst the resivoire tank, again. Anyone have a more reasonable solution than replacing the cylinder head? Greatly appreciate any input and thx
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Could be as simple as a trapped air buble somewhere in the system. Try bleeding it with the front end raised slightly, and have the heater on full blast while you`re doing it.
+1 to what Bob said.....bleed the system per the directions in the WIKI
Yeah sounds like an air bubble. Just the bleeder screw on the upper radiator hose attatched to your expansion tank ( where you pour the coolant in ) and keep your heater on full. Drive it around a bit with the heater on all the way for a few miles and don't let it overheat and stop and bleed it.

DO NOT LET YOUR CAR OVERHEAT or that's it. No more engine.
I'm gonna go with an air bubble for $400 Alex......(Jeopardy reference)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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