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To All BMW Sales Managers
Re: MY 03 X5 and 5 Series

We would like to clear up any confusion there is on the issue of Navigation System with CD/cassette on the X5 and 5 Series for Model Year '03.

In-dash CD player is standard as of MY '03 on all 5 Series and X5's.

However, when the Navigation System is ordered in either of these vehicles, the in-dash CD player will automatically be replaced with a cassette player. The Navigation System and in-dash CD player cannot be ordered together in either the X5 or 5 Series for MY '03.



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Glad I didn't order Nav. I was going to but at the time there was only rumors whether Nav would come with CD or cassette and I didn't want to risk losing in-dash CD.

Now that you confirmed it, I feel good about my decision not getting Nav :thumbup:


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My aunt just picked up an X5 today from Crevier BMW...up until now, I had never been inside an X5...and I really like them. If I were getting an SUV/SAV in that class, I'd definitely take the X5 over the ML, MDX, RX300, etc.

But I don't understand why they're making the cassette players standard with the Nav? You'd think that in a generation so advanced to have Navigation systems in their car, no one would own cassettes? :dunno:
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