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The 2019 BMW i3

With the Model Year 2019 BMW i3 (120 Ah), BMW i has taken electric mobility to the next level. A new, extended-range BMW i3 is now available to accompany BMW enthusiasts on their daily journey - joyrides included.

The innovative BMW i3 is constructed from the ground up primarily from lightweight carbon fiber for maximum range. With an electric motor delivering 170 horsepower and 184 lb-ft of torque the i3 is quick off the line, and the upgrade lithium-ion batteries for 2017 provide 115 or so miles of emission-free driving. The BMW i3 offers interior space comparable to the BMW 3 Series on a shorter overall chassis. Its low 32.3-foot turning circle and a relatively long wheelbase make it agile and engaging to drive, ideally suited to driving in dense urban areas. As perhaps the most sustainably-manufactured passenger car in the world, the story of the i3's production process is equally compelling as the driving.

  • Available in both Battery Electric BMW i3/i3s and BMW i3/i3s with Range Extender(USA only)
  • 50%+ increased battery capacity of 94 Ah vs. previous generation 60Ah
  • Total battery energy of 44 kWh (gross) / 38 kWh (net) vs. previous generation 22 kWh (gross) / 19 kWh (net) and 33kWh (gross) / 27kWh(net)
  • Electric range of approximately 153* miles (combined hwy/city)
  • Battery dimensions remain unchanged despite higher capacity
  • Slightly increased weight due to increased energy density(<6lbs difference between 2018 and 2019)

Bimmerfest brings you the 2019 BMW i3 ordering and pricing guides. Use these guides to figure out the options and pricing for your build.


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