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My 535i hits 130mph then gov kicks in

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As anyone been able to successfully code their 535 to remove the top speed limiter ? Mine is the not M sport. I didn't know it had a top speed limiter until I got the opportunity to try it out today.

As soon as it hit 130mph there was tons of power left but it would not accelerate pass it.

just curious ???
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Shawn if I could get it from 130 to 150 on my stock non m sport 535i I would be a happy camper. Anything over 150mph is pretty crazy anyway lol. I read through the thread you mentioned. Looks like it might be possible to code from 130 to 150 but harder to make it unlimited. I'm fortunate I have a connection to a private road to test it out.

Anything over 130 is pretty crazy...:tsk:
So you'll only drive over 130 on the private road. Good Luck.:rofl:
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