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My 7 developed an unnatural shake.

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My 7 series shakes between 50 to 70mph, like the whole car not just the steering wheel.

it was there from when i bought the car. i took it once to dealer and he said the rear tires had excessive road force and replace my tires.

It still did not stop, i took it to him again and he says that my wheels were bent. He said my wheels were not bent the first time but they are bent now. I had the shaking from the day i bought it. what should i do? should i just pay him the $600 he is asking to fix my rims?
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I would ask myself 2 things. 1. Can I get this done more cheaply elsewhere; 2. What do I (or they) do if the bent wheels aren't the cause of the vibration?

If the car had this vibration when you bought it, why did you buy it? Or it only occurred shortly after you bought it?
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