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My baby 323I Rattles - any input on fix ?

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My 2000 323I rattles alot.. it has about 50K miles
on it. I especially hear it in the morning while slowly driving through my community before getting out to the main Avenue, then sound is gone.. maybe due to higher speed. During the rest of the day not too much sound. the rattling sounds like a old convertible and is very anoying coming from both driver and passenger sides. Does anyone out there have a fix ?? tighten some bolts or something.. I just had and inspection 2 done a few weeks back, besides that the car runs Execellent... thanks ..

2000 Orient Blue 323I/auto/PP
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Earplugs? :dunno: Seriously, my 325 rattles but I take it to the track and beat it up.

You would have to be a bit more sprcific about the location of the rattles.

Take your car to the dealer and get one of the service technitions to go for a drive with you.
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