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My baby's first bath

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Gave my baby his first bath today... tomorrow will mark our first week together. The first 400 miles have been a pleasure. I'm looking forward to many more...

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Re: Re: My baby's first bath

JetBlack330i said:

His? You've got a baby boy?
Most people get a baby girl. Am I mistaken? :p
Something about "riding in a girl" is much more appealing than vice versa, no? :p
Re: Re: Re: Re: My baby's first bath

Pete Teoh said:

Only if you're straight. ;) I prefer to be "zooming around in my man"... I know... TOO MUCH INFORMATION! :yikes:
Well now. That was unexpected. :eek:
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: My baby's first bath

Pete Teoh said:

Sorry... Hope it wasn't too shocking for you. :angel:
Just verifies my theory about those "funny" Steel Blue owners...:eeps:
TranceLvr said:

You want shocking, I did the same thing on a Mustang forum. Unfortunetly it didn't go over as well as it seems to have here. Part of the reason I am ditching the Stang for a 3er, classier owners (at least it seems like it).
You obviously haven't met Alee, Mike, or Phil yet. Talk about freaks of nature...:eek:
LOL, no, nothing negative meant in my post guys. The fact is that when I read your ramblings I'm laughing too hard to type a reply. And yeah, Vexed deserves some credit here too. He is a pretty bad influence. :tsk:

C'mon guys, for people who have such light senses of humour I was sure you'd understand that I was just playing around.

The last thing I need is all 4 of you having anything against me. I don't think the servers can handle anymore 100+ post threads thanks to you guys! :p
Mike 325xi said:

It's all cool!! Just couldn't tell :thumb:

But you do realize that you are now officially fair game in all abusive posts! :D
Fair enough, bring on the wit! :D
1 - 6 of 41 Posts
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