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My baby's first bath

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Gave my baby his first bath today... tomorrow will mark our first week together. The first 400 miles have been a pleasure. I'm looking forward to many more...

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Re: Re: My baby's first bath

JetBlack330i said:

His? You've got a baby boy?
Most people get a baby girl. Am I mistaken? :p
It is a Steel Blue Bimmer... "steel" and "blue" seem to have masculine connotations to me... then again, I could be delusional :confused:
Chris330ci said:
How 'bout some pix..?! :dunno: :thumb:
Soon... my digital camera is broken :cry: ... I have to rely on my good old SLR and analog technology for now.

John Demetre said:
Hey Pete,
Good to see you on here. That 325 must be kicking. Ever consider the 330?
Hi John... I love my 325i. I did consider the 330i and had offer from dealer stock for a stripped 330i for just a little more than I paid for my 325i. However, the 330i didn't have some of the niceties that I wanted, namely SP (love the SP seats), fold-down rear seats (gotta get my bicycle in the trunk), moonroof (love to see the sky above my head) and Bi-Xenons (I often drive through some very dark streets). I can tell you I was really tempted to get the 330i for the performance factor... but I'm definitely not disappointed at all with the performance of my 325i. Coming from a 1998 Honda Civic the 325i definitely meets and exceeds my performance requirements for a daily driver.
Re: Re: Re: My baby's first bath

Mystikal said:

Something about "riding in a girl" is much more appealing than vice versa, no? :p
Only if you're straight. ;) I prefer to be "zooming around in my man"... I know... TOO MUCH INFORMATION! :yikes:
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: My baby's first bath

Mystikal said:

Well now. That was unexpected. :eek:
Sorry... Hope it wasn't too shocking for you. :angel:
ict330xi said:
I saw a post by someone at the .org that said something to the effect that The Fest was boring. So much for that theory!
Hey... I'm here to introduce some fun and shocking news :D
Plaz 330i said:

For some reason, that doesn't surprise me at all. :dunno:
It doesn't surprise me either... Mustangs, Camaros and Monte Carlos seem to have a higher percentage of, ummm... "conservative", and shall we say "*******-ish" owners. That's not to say all Mustang, Camaro and Monte Carlo fans are that way.

Bimmer owners seem to me like a more sophisticated bunch in general. :thumb:
TranceLvr said:

Well as I think back on it, there is nothing shocking about it. I guess in the end I just wanted Pete to know he wans't the only one. Not that this should come as any suprise to anybody. :thumb:
Good to know that under my Steel Blue and your Topaz Blue, there's a little hint of Hot Pink. :lmao:
Josh (PA) said:
My wife drives the BMW and I drive the very feminine Audi Cabrio, what does that make me:dunno:

Not that there's anything wrong with that of course...
Shut Up Mike:D

Hmm... Josh... is there anything you need to confess to? Are you the one stealing your wife's Victoria Secret lingerie? J/K :D
Josh (PA) said:
No Lingerie Pete, just the catalogs:D

OK, I'll believe you... for now. :D
PM 325xiT said:

Sorry but that's a little TMI
eeeeuuuugh! :p
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