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Hi guys,

I bought my 2009 328i a couple years ago. Currently it has 58,000KM on it. it has been in a front end collision before and it was repaired and ran prefectly when I bought it. 4 months ago I replaced the alternator because the original one had a crack and it died. I also put a brand new battrey in it at the time. Right now it's charging prefectly.

My problem: about a month ago, in the morning I get in the car, and the car is really hard to start. I start the car, the rpm races to around 2,000 and the car immediately dies. this happens around 5-6 times, then the car would just turn over but not start. The engine light (not the little yellow one, but the bigger one on the screen). I also hear loud sound from the engine once in a while when it's trying to start up, sounds like 2 pieces of metal hitting against eachother, just once, it's not continous. After trying for about 10-15 times. the car starts! no engine lights no nothing and after the car is warmed up, it seems to me that it runs prefectly.

Through out the day as long as the car is not sitting more than 4-5 hours, it starts right up with the first try. My problem is when the car is sitting for more than say 5 hours or specially over night.

I took the car to a respectable shop, the mechanic did some diagnostic and he said he is getting a while bunch of codes, from Valvetronic sensor and motor code to fuel pump, ECU code and overheating problem. He said he has to do more tests.

I took the car because he said he is busy till next week and he can't do more tests to pinpoint the problem and I needed the car.

Today, I went to try the car, and it turns over, like the starter is working, but it won't start up, I can hear the fuel pump engaging when I first turn the ignition in position 2.

I just need some help from you guys, I'm going through some troubles right now financially, and trying to save some money on fixing this.

Thank you.
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