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My Car Looks Disgusting

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I've changed my wheels & tires to my BMW 525i, but the wheels now(front) look very bad. I don't know how much should I lower it, or how to solve this issue!!
My wheels are VMR V710
Front 255/30/19 9.5"
Rear 295/30/19 11"


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Looks like it is still jacked up. That is definitely NOT a stock gap. However, relax, if the car was up in the air for a while the suspension probably just needs to settle. You do not have a sports package car, so your suspension is softer and higher than cars with sports pkg. Take it for a drive, 20-50 miles to be sure, and then go home and remeasure the gap. Those wheels look waaaaaaaay better than those stock wheels in the pic, those are grotesque. Still, before you consider lowering it (which will require coilovers to do it right, springs alone will just kill your stock shocks in about 6 months), drive it around a while and see how you like the ride and feel. Don't make a rash decision.
I agree that the suspension hasn't settled back down from the car being jacked up. A quick drive around the block is all that is needed to get it back down to where it is supposed to be.
I think you are right guys, those my old set 245/40/18 8.5" front and 275/35/18 9.5" rear look fine on the same car. However, the thing is when I put back my OEM wheels, it looks as what it is like the suspensions aren't stock because the car was lifted; I'll take the car for a ride after I receive my spacers. 9.5" wheels for the front makes the wheel hit the shocks.

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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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