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My CVV (Oil Separator) DIY Journey in Pictures

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This is the journey I would not take again. Major PITA. Oil separator is a "tricky sucker" like somebody commented. But I hope the pictures of every step of the way will make this diy a little easier for somebody else. I followed these 2 wonderful DIYs that contain everything you need to know:

The one by Lbert -

And the one by djmcmath -

I took more pictures and included my comments making it a separate DIY. Enjoy!

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Very good write up!!

Question.... why didn't you take out the intake manifold??
Alex, so the needed parts are the CVV, vent pipe, connecting line, vent hose, the return pipe and the dipstick housing, right? Do I need any o-rings, etc?
Alex, what about the small vent tube that's on the side of the CVV? The one I just got has no cap to it. Does the one I have on my car now come with it?
Ok. Thanks!
Yes, the old one has a cap. You will reuse it on the new one. Good luck with the job!
^ Lol, I didn't do the write up :p

Anywho, Alex, I did the CVV on Monday as you know and your guide made it simple to do the job. I ended up putting in the curved hoes first then the one to the vanos.
I'm probably going to do the job for one of my friends so I'll have her record me doing the job.
Dam Jake it seems like you get credit for everything even the stuff you didn't do haha! I was hoping you were going to make a video on this though...
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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