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Dropped the E39 off for a cruise control issue (see post in 5 series forum ), to get the driver's door seals replaced, and to address a steering creak while not moving. I was given an '02 325 sedan as a loaner.

I must say, that I really enjoy the little car! I took it to lunch and just zipped through traffic like it was my *other* '02 (a '76). It makes me even that much more anxious for next Friday- ONE WEEK 'till we pick up the 02 330!

I caught myself saying that if I had to drive in a commute more than 30mins a day in traffic, I'd reconsider my daily driver.

The E39 is still great on the highway. I'm sure after a 12 hour drive from the Performance Delivery Center in Spartanburg, I'll have more to say about the E46. For now, I can't WAIT till next Friday!
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