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My first car! 2009 BMW 328I

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Finally bought my first car! It's a 2009 BMW E90 328I LCI model In Bluewater Metallic.
It has the xenon headlights, sunroof, hifi sound, and a few other options. I just installed new rotors and pads and she drives like a dream now. Loving that n52 engine and rwd! It is the 6spd auto, :rofl: but it is very smooth and decently quick. All in all a joy to drive! Enough power to have fun but not kill myself, as I am 16 :angel:
Here's my mods list:

- [ ] Intake
- [ ] Exhaust
- [ ] Wheels
- [ ] Spoiler
- [ ] splitter
- [ ] Front bumper mod
- [ ] Led halo rings
- [ ] Steering wheel
- [ ] Suspension
- [ ] Metal pedals
- [ ] Tint
- [ ] Black roof wrap Wrap
- [ ] Carbon fibre trip
- [ ] Tinted brake lights

I'm just in the process of changing the fluids and getting her all fresh and detailed, I just ran some fuel cleaner through and it made a huge difference.

Let me know if u have any suggestions or questions!

P.S. I live in Canada with rwd so just picked up some pirelli ice zero tires on rims!


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Quite a snazzy ride for your first car (10 years old or otherwise), congrats! I'm 32 and have had my 09 328i for just a couple months now... Of course it's more for work than play, that's what the 14 X1 xdrive35i is for :D
Sigh. Those damn Maritime cars and rust. I can see it on your strut mounts. I'm originally from Hatchet Lake.

Anyways, congrats on the buy ! Many knowledge folks on this forum, so you can learn lots here. Many will tell you not to bother with intake / exhaust. Performance mods don't make sense on a 328, might as well just sell it and go with a 335 if horsepower is what you're after.

Welcome to the group !
That brings back memories of our first 328i. It was a 2008 and we loved it. Such a fun car. Enjoy it and drive safely.
Great car with the M Sport pkg , Has a116,000. Miles so far been great , average 31 mpg on the road. No problems, bought the car used 1 owner 3 yrs ago.
The closest that I have come to being killed was in a '62 SAAB GT850 Monte Carlo, at 50 Hp.

The driver missed a shift in a 2-stroke roller-bearing crankshaft, passed 10K RPM in an instant and spit out the core a a sparkplug. The power went away just when it was needed on a mountain curve and we rolled a long way down the mountain.
Enough power to have fun but not kill myself, as I am 16 :
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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