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My first drive

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I drove my first BMW today, took the e90 325 for a spin and I have to say I'm in love! I was surprised how much torque it has and how perfectly it handles, I have to have one!

My question is, how does the e90 compare to the e46? The e90 is out of my price range, I'm looking for a 2003/04, is there much difference between the two? Or is the new 3 series really the ultimate driving machine?
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In london, surely they have the 320d?
That car has 330nm's of it's definately worth looking at and alot cheaper than the 325. The E90 drives a whole lot different from an E46!!
Some say E90 not so nibble (see saintor's recent review), I would guess there is not a big difference between them, but I have not driven an E90 yet.
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