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Heater core?...
You're in for a project. The center console comes out, and half of the dash. This fix isn't too bad because you probably don't need specialized tools but it is extremely labor and time intensive. My suggestion would be to buy the Bently repair manual. And follow it step by step. Otherwise you ARE going to break plastic parts and create more of a headache for yourself when you can't remember how everything fits back together.

I would check to see if it's the Heater Valve assembly that has gone bad first. It could also bet the auxiliary water pump that is connected to the heater valve. (next to the power brake booster in the engine bay, it has 3 coolant hoses that pass through the firewall). These control the flow of coolant to the heater core. It's a much easier fix and they are know to go bad in these cars.

How are you sure it's the heater core? Do you smell antifreeze when you turn in the heat? Do the windows fog up regardless of outside temp?

Good luck...
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