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my latest web page: OEM winter floor mats

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Thanks 31, bring us more!:thumb:
yup. will do. here's what I have planned (no time frame guarantees so don't ask):

1) bring the 22 pics back online for the HK retrofit

2) bring the 20 pics back online for the a/d/s/ install

3) rewrite the DINAN3 review to be a more complete and more generic write up on the various mods available

4) post a page on how I clean my car (techniques and products used)

5) when I get time and a spare air box, I'll continue on the ESIS idea and put a page back up.

6) if the OEM "sports silencer" pans out, I'll post a page for that too.

phew!!! that's a lot of work! :yikes:

no other plans or projects at present.
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Whoa!!! A quarter for installation???

You must be rich or something! I wish they had told be that before I bought them...I used a nickel.

Do you think I damaged them?;)
hehehe.... a quarter is a perfect fit. :thumb:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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