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My local BMW Center opens their doors at their new

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location today. Their lot is huge compared to the old location. BMW NA needs to send these guys some cars. Bare bones out there. :cry:
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I believe they will have their allocations stepped up over a period of time. My dealer opened a new stand alone shop a little over a year ago.

As a first step (going from memeory), they were given ~ 10 more slots a month. This was big for them since they are a very small dealer. My pick up on December 31 was their 41rst car sold for the month (which at the time was there best month, I told you they were small). By May, they are now getting and selling ~ 50 a month.:) (GM told me this during last visit)

I wonder what the avg dealer sells a month :dunno: Excluding So Cal and the mega dealers :dunno:
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My dealer regularly sells over 100 a month, however this includes new and Certified Pre-Owned. I think about 75 of those every month are new.
There's only two BMW dealerships in Alberta, and the one in Calgary (where I bought mine from) sells about 70-75 a month. They're opening a second outlet in the north part of the city (about a mile from my house :thumbup: :thumbup:) so I expect both their allotment and the number of vehicles sold to increase.

Gotta love it when the dealership is 5 minutes from your house :D Right now, the dealership is right across the city, and for those of you who have been to Calgary, you know how spread out Calgary is...

Now, if only Thursday would hurry up and get here (see sig)
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My dealer typically sells 70-80 new and used BMWs per month. I believe BMW NA is supposed to increase their allocation starting in August.
The numbers I quoted where new units so they are probably in the 70 per month range now. My biggest point was that as a very small dealer (which helped me get a great deal IMO), who made the move to build a new location. BMW stepped up there allocations as a result.

For those who don't know PA well, I live in an area that is very close to Amish country so BMW isn't an every day thing. Now in the Harrisburg area where I work, there is another dealer that probably doubles there sales. Rufus330ci from here bought from the larger dealer.
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