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my new S4 challenge

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Well, after many weeks of contemplation, my co-resident, Jeff, finally succumbed to the pressures of owning a Mazda and just signed papers for one of the last few S4's on the East Coast. Delivery is on tuesday. He had to get Red with Black leather. No Black exteriors were available. Cost was a few hairs under MSRP.
Now I've gotta finish breaking in my car and as soon as he's done with his, it's off to the streets for a nice shoot-out. He admits defeat by buying a tiptronic, but the car's still pretty fast!

Pics to follow on tuesday!

Best of luck, Jeff!
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I hate to burst your bubble, but he can still smoke you... Tip or manual, it doesn't matter... :p

You gotta remember that the S4 outperformed the (US) E36 M3. Sure, IMO, a well driven 330 will give the E36 M3 a run for its money, but it won't outperform it, I don't think...

Anyway, even if your friend can't drive for $hit, with a couple thousand, he can pump ~400HP out of that Bi-turbo V6. Then, it won't take much to smoke a 330... :( :bigpimp:
Maybe in Philly, but there are plenty available in northern NJ. Last week I counted an even dozen at the dealer that I bought my A6 from.
RChoudry said:
just signed papers for one of the last few S4's on the East Coast.
Yeah, we searched pretty hard for one with Tiptronic and all the packages he wanted. It was tough. Lots of Avants out there but few sedans with the exact equipment desired.
I once raced an S4 tip and surprisingly I pulled on him. The guy I was racing must not have known how to torque brake off the line because I pulled right away from him. He really wasn't too happy about it :)

RChoudry . . . you residents are freakin nuts . . . first lesson of business bro . . . debt is not good ! ! !

BTW check you PM, I got a brother-in-law who might be joining you.
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