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My radio control buttons don't light up at night

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hi, My radio control buttons don't light up at night, what can i do to slove this problem?
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I guess nobody wants to help me out here :( :cry:
screw this car now, too many problems, im looking at getting a late model e46 now.
Actually, it began in 2003 before i stored my car. The radio control would display, and sometimes they wouldn't, i tapped it and the light would come on. After i took it out from storage a couple of months ago, it stopped working, even if i tap it niothing happens. At night it looks weird.
Its not just that, the A/C loses its gas after a few days. O'vell i see how my financial status goes, im currently looking for a car, preferably 2002+ 330i.
Bimrpwr said:
i would keep the e36 and jsut fix the lights on it. I think you will have more fun in that then the e46 but that is my .02. You are only looking at a couple of bucks for new lights
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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