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My ride all Klassed up!

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Real sunburst in pic, not fake one! :D
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Mystikal--- don't you recognize the Toronto waterfront??? :D :D :D That's the Sunshine Bridge in the Tampa Bay Area, FL.

Alee--- that's the UUC springs. Unfortunately, they really slammed the rear--- a bit more than I would have wanted. The fronts are nice without being overly low.
It's a Laser exhaust with DTM tips that I picked up cheap. The exhaust is full stainless with virtually no increase in noise from stock (bummer!) My car sounds like stock except on Wide Open Throttle.

- JP
The ride is quite civilized. It's a little stiffer than stock but very livable... perhaps 10-15% stiffer than stock. There is a less body roll with the springs. I like them.

The rear is visibly lower, but it's fine on my grocery-getter silver sedan. Anything to make it a little different from the masses is good! :D
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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