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My service loaner rules!

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My first service loaner...

It's awesome! It rattles, it wanders, it floats, and makes wacky gerbil noises when you push it hard.

In the next 24 hours, I will constantly reminded of how wonderful my 330Ci is.

It was either this car, or wait almost 3 weeks for a BMW loaner. The Saturn actually isn't so terrible, but coming out of my car and into the Saturn was like being beaten in the head.

On a more relevant topic...

I got to play with I-Drive finally. In short, I think it sucks. It's appropriate for some things (navigation, OBC and phone), and just plain stupid for others.

Things I liked: force feedback (very smart), intuitive push and turn motions to use.

That's about where it ends. It's entirely too much work to control the stereo. Adjusting airflow in Climate is best done when pulled over on the side of the road. And I think there's just too much crap on the screen.

Learning the compass directions shouldn't be too hard for most people. Remembering how to do everything else will be a challenge not suited for a generation of people who can't even set the clock on their VCR. I'm close to saying that putting I-Drive in a car is downright irresponsible.

I'm sure Nate, Vince and the E65 lovers will disagree. I'm not saying it's not cool -- it's a neat idea, and if it were in my home theater, I'd probably like it. But, we're talking about putting this in a 2 ton vehicle that will be moving at over 60+ mph, and asking the average driver (who often can't even hold a conversation with their passenger without losing their lane) to use it. I'm sorry, I'm just not sold.

Just my 2 cents.

Oh, and I still think the styling on the E65 is nasty. :mad:
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Re: ...

VinceTopasBlau3 said:
Oh, you did send your car for service?? Did you get my reply? :)
Yeah got your reply... working on getting a reply back to you. :D

BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH! So much talk and still no test drive??? You, TD, and a bunch of pple, ALL THE SAME GANG!
Who said I didn't drive it? :D
Re: Did You Zaino It

vexed said:
I cannot believe you are driving a car that has not been Zainoed:p
The tires are underinflated too. I'm thinking of taking it to the local Saturn dealer for a tune up, and then I'll give it a few coats of Z. :D
Re: Re: My service loaner rules!

Josh (PA) said:
E65 Yada yada yada. The important ? how did you like the Saphire M5?
The M5 was awesome. I was sitting in it when Rich saw me and made his pitch about how he'd give me a great deal if I traded in my 330. :D
Did you drive the new 7?
Yes I did. The silver one (showroom car). I think someone may be buying it shortly. It was a short ride, but enough to convince me that I hate big cars. :D The E65 could have looked like a Ferrari F355 and driven like one, but it just felt like an ungainly monster.
Re: Re: Re: Did You Zaino It

vexed said:
Did you have a choice of colors? Is that green?
Yeah, it's dark green. It's pretty nicely swirled up too. And the tires are practically dripping with tire gloss.
Re: Al, hope it's not TOO late...

ALEX325i said:
Repeat after me... No need to Zaino it... This is a loaner... No need to Zaino it... This is a loaner... :D
Would you believe I'm letting the dealer wash my car?

Drought restrictions here... can't wash my car. It was let them do it, or buy a lot of bottled water. :(
geomax said:
Below is the first loaner I got when I brought my car in for routine service recently. A brand new 325i. And by brand new - I mean NEW! 7 miles on the odo.
Wow, how'd you pull that off?!

My dealer has a good sized fleet of BMW loaners, but the wait to get one is obnoxious. I don't think any of them are THAT new though.

It'll be nice when I have to do any scheduled service appointments, but I can't imagine anyone gets a BMW loaner on an emergency appointment basis around here.
Re: Re: Re: ...

VinceTopasBlau3 said:
Anyhoo...I don't deny that I-Drive is an easy system to use. It takes a little while to get used to. But hey, the new 7 is about new perspectives in driving. :)
I'm think TD is starting to rub off on me. :)

Pretty soon, I'll be ditching my E46 for an E36, and proclaiming all cars made after 1998 are junk. :)

Well, probably not. :D
Re: Re: Re: Al, hope it's not TOO late...

PM 325xiT said:

THUD :yikes:

That was the sound of Phil passing out after reading Al's post. Boy I hope they use a clean wash mitt:eeps:
I watched them wash 2 cars today and decided they were doing at least the basics right... linear motions, and clean cloths.

They use a touchless car wash bay, and then they dry it off by hand.

I'm not comfortable about it, but my car already has some bad swirling so a little more won't hurt. It's porter cable time this spring when the temps hit about 75. :)
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Al, hope it's not TOO late...

PM 325xiT said:
Porter Cable....:thumb: Maybe a little paint cleaner and polishing for the xiT too:dunno: I'll buy the food and beer and I'll even pay for the round of golf:D
You may have a deal there. After seeing Rip's Griot's diet, and the great results he got, I have a feeling they'll be getting a huge order from me around April. :D

I'll promise to practice on the 93 Altima first. :)
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Al, hope it's not TOO late...

vexed said:
Say it ain't so.
I've spent a lot of time thinking about switching to carnuba. I used to use P21S, so I'd probably go back to that. I've never used Griot's stuff, but I've heard nothing but good things about their hand and machine polishes.

The only fear I have is doing the polishing myself. Do I spend the $300-$400 at Griot's and load up on P21S, or do I spend $100-$150 for a pro to do the exterior, and another $100 in carnuba products after the first detail?

Part of my problem is Zaino doesn't come off without denatured alcohol, so taking it off and doing a full detail myself could take about 10-12 hours.
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Al, hope it's not TOO late...

PM 325xiT said:
I bought my first batch from car care online ...
My first batch from (and my 3rd batch of Zaino):

Hey did you hear about Mike's retirement, I amused myself with that one:D
Did I miss a post? :D
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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Al, hope it's not TOO late...

PM 325xiT said:
Al why not hook up with Mike's sister:dunno: If they can do the "grunt" work then I know you can get the shine back to where you want it.
I don't think Mike's sister does cars for individuals... I believe she has a pretty substantial business contracted by other dealers.

I most certainly would consider giving her my business, although the drive is pretty far to get my car professionally polished and then driven back to my place where by then it will have a nice film of road grime.

Otto's BMW contracts detail work out to Lyon's Detailing which is about 2-3 blocks from me. I've watched them do a lot of cars and so far I'm impressed.

I may still do it myself... just because I need that kind of control in my life. :rolleyes:

Got a few months to decide anyway :D
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Al, hope it's not TOO late...

vexed said:
I do need something for those wheels, 40 minutes to wash the car, another 30 on the wheels.:yikes:
You could be like me and start buying new wheels instead of washing them. :D
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Al, hope it's not TOO late...

PM 325xiT said:
How do you like those yellow flannels? I wish they were a little more absorbent, maybe they just need to be washed and used more:dunno:
I hate them. Worst product ever.

They're actually ok (just ok) for removing wax, but I think I wasted my money.
Mike's retirement right after your last post
LOL! :lmao: I totally missed that. :D
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Al, hope it's not TOO late...

jdlsc said:
Al, you have my girlfriends kitchen table. Wait! That is my girlfriends kitchen table! :yikes:

Not surprisingly, we never end up eating at the table because I have made a hostile takeover of it. Iit has become my desk, my office, and my "just got home so I'm putting everything on it" table instead of what it was meant for. :D
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Al, hope it's not TOO late...

vexed said:
Seriously, how do you clean the base of the windshield/rear window on the inside, that is a PITA considering the slope of the glass.:dunno:
OMG, that's the one place that drives me insane. :mad:

My new technique is to use a cardboard tube (from a roll of paper towels), stuff a cotton towel halfway into it, and let the rest naturally fall out of the tube. I spray on the glass cleaner (Wurth's glass cleaner), and then shove the cardboard tube back there and wedge it in. Then I move it back and forth, cleaning the bottom 1/4 of the glass that way. The rest is a pain, but doable.

The tube compresses, but gives enough resistance against the glass to absorb the glass cleaner.

Not very elegant, but until there's a better way, that's how it has to be.
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Al, hope it's not TOO late...

vexed said:
I'm glad to see I am not the only one who found that to be a challenge. I was thinking of finding someone with really small hands but your method might be better.:D
Maybe it should be added to your dating criteria... does she have hands that fit. :D
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Al, hope it's not TOO late...

PM 325xiT said:

I'm not please either with them. What do you use when applying detailing spray (Final Inspection for me)? If I go Griots, I'll probably get package w/ Speed Shine and 10 cotton towels. Will have to ask Rip about them.
I use Buffing Cloths. I absolutely love them. I went back and bought 3 more sets after getting my first set.

The Griot's ones look really good though, and may be more economical.
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Al, hope it's not TOO late...

Mike 325xi said:

For a friend of mine they would gladly do it if I asked her too...deeply discounted of course.
I figure it would cost me $150 or so for the detail, and about $500 for a covered carrier to take it back home. :rolleyes:
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