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My service loaner rules!

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My first service loaner...

It's awesome! It rattles, it wanders, it floats, and makes wacky gerbil noises when you push it hard.

In the next 24 hours, I will constantly reminded of how wonderful my 330Ci is.

It was either this car, or wait almost 3 weeks for a BMW loaner. The Saturn actually isn't so terrible, but coming out of my car and into the Saturn was like being beaten in the head.

On a more relevant topic...

I got to play with I-Drive finally. In short, I think it sucks. It's appropriate for some things (navigation, OBC and phone), and just plain stupid for others.

Things I liked: force feedback (very smart), intuitive push and turn motions to use.

That's about where it ends. It's entirely too much work to control the stereo. Adjusting airflow in Climate is best done when pulled over on the side of the road. And I think there's just too much crap on the screen.

Learning the compass directions shouldn't be too hard for most people. Remembering how to do everything else will be a challenge not suited for a generation of people who can't even set the clock on their VCR. I'm close to saying that putting I-Drive in a car is downright irresponsible.

I'm sure Nate, Vince and the E65 lovers will disagree. I'm not saying it's not cool -- it's a neat idea, and if it were in my home theater, I'd probably like it. But, we're talking about putting this in a 2 ton vehicle that will be moving at over 60+ mph, and asking the average driver (who often can't even hold a conversation with their passenger without losing their lane) to use it. I'm sorry, I'm just not sold.

Just my 2 cents.

Oh, and I still think the styling on the E65 is nasty. :mad:
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Oh, you did send your car for service?? Did you get my reply? :)

On a side note about E65..

BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH! So much talk and still no test drive??? You, TD, and a bunch of pple, ALL THE SAME GANG!

Bite me!
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Re: Re: ...


See, even you reply has a sublimal message: it's I-DRIVE not YOU DRIVE.:D

alee said:
Who said I didn't drive it? :D
Anyhoo...I don't deny that I-Drive is an easy system to use. It takes a little while to get used to. But hey, the new 7 is about new perspectives in driving. :)
Re: Re: Re: Re: ...

Ha! :D The E46-dumpsters-for-E36 just love each other soooooo much!

Well, I would have gone for this too...:D currently on Ebay.

alee said:

I'm think TD is starting to rub off on me. :)

Pretty soon, I'll be ditching my E46 for an E36, and proclaiming all cars made after 1998 are junk. :)

Well, probably not. :D
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