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They are SIMILAR in how they drive. Not the same. I owned an F80 and own an M2 now. My new ZCP F80 comes in October.

Straight line, no contest. The F80 is faster, by a bunch.
Cornering is where the M2 makes it's money. It will corner harder than a pre 58.3 upgraded F80, probably about the same as a 58.3 Upgraded F80 and can't keep with a ZCP F80.

We see this in the test results. Short technical track with an older F8x the F8x loses. The ZCP F8x wins. On longer tracks with appreciable straights even the older F8x's will pull away.

The M2 wants to rotate more quickly than the ZCP F8x, and is more controllable when it does (It is the right size, aka the size of an e46.)

The M2's steering is phenomenal! Almost as good as my old 330i ZHP. The hardware is exactly the same in the F8x, so it's software. We need to figure out how to code the F87 steering into the F8x. There is no dead spot on center like I have found in all F8x's I've driven.

The M2 at 10/10ths is easy and accessible, even to a novice. Not so in the F8x. A ZCP F8x at 9/10 is just as fast as the M2 at 10/10. Going past 9/10 in the F8x you know there is an angry beast waiting for you if you cross the line. With the M2 there isn't. It's just an easier car to drive, and drive fast. (Please note the lack of pictures of M2's wrapped around trees like we saw with the F8x's.) It really is the throwback people say it is.

My wife told me that if I kept the M2 I was sleeping on the couch, and buying a new couch was a serious consideration. The final reasons I won't keep the M2 are.

F8x Seats are much more comfortable to me. I'm just over 6 feet, but with a very long torso. So to a seat back I'm like a 6 foot 4 inch guy. The seats don't support me and become painful over longer drives. (A few reviewers have noted this too.) Yes, this complaint makes me old...

I have kids and NEED 4 doors.

If BMW makes the M2 Gran Coupe, and it drives like the M2, I will ditch the ZCP F80 and pay to have a F80 seat sliced in there. The M2 is that good.

Things I thought would bother me on the M2 but didn't.

The rotated seat - Notice it all the time and I don't care
Lack of Heads Up - Don't care (this really surprised me.)
Crappy leather - Notice it all the time and I don't care
Non-adjustable suspension - Don't care, it is like Goldilocks and just right.
Lack of M buttons on the steering wheel - Don't care (I just put into sport+ when I get in)

Things that bother me in the M2 that I care about

Painful seats (If tall)
High seating position (It feels like an SUV compared to the F8x, and is the same seating height as my wife's 328 Sport Wagon)
You CANNOT see the gauges in the daylight.
I dislike the "open weave" carbon trim, this one strangely bugs me to the point of distraction.
The F8x gets attention from BMW guys, the M2 gets attention from boy racers. I have yet to come to a light (in the M2) with a subaru that doesn't want to race.

So if BMW is listening, make the M2 GC and let us have the better seats (we will pay for them). I don't care about the rest, if the car handles like this. The people who say it isn't "Real M Car" haven't spent much time driving it. Feel free to flame away.
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