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My windshield saga (m)

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Some may recall the heat stress crack that appeared in my windshield over July 4th. I spent this past week trying to get the glass replaced, and finally did today.

I called my insurance company (Progressive) on Monday, and they hooked me up with a local glass shop (Safelite). The Safelite rep suggested a mobile service; they could come to my office. The only concern was that they could only give me a four hour window in which the guy might show up, meaning that I'd have to reschedule some client meetings. I told both the Safelite guy and the adjuster to make sure the guy had the glass with him, because I was pretty sure a repair was impossible.

On Tuesday, at 9:30, the guy shows up at my building. I am in the bathroom when he calls. I get back to my desk and there is a voicemail saying "I'm downstairs." I run downstairs--no glass guy. When I get back upstairs, there's another voicemail saying "Sorry, can't wait, I'm leaving, call to reschedule."


Wednesday, I again clear a 4 hour block of time. Five and a half hours later, the guy shows up, and, guess what? No glass. He's been told it's a repair. He takes one look at my windshield and says "I can't fix that."

Grr. Rrrr.

So I call back, and they don't have anything until Monday, but I go ahead and clear ANOTHER four hour block on Monday. Forty-five minutes later, Safelite calls and says "we just noticed that your car is a convertible" (!--I told about three different people this information, not to mention that it's pretty obvious when you look at the car). "We can't do mobile repairs on convertibles; we have to do them all in the shop." (?) "Do you want to schedule a time Monday."

Not really.

A happy ending, though. It turns out they had an opening on Saturday, and there is a store about 10 minutes from my house. Took it over today, and in (no shit) 20 minutes, the job was done, which leads me to odd but inescapable conclusion that mobile service is the LEAST CONVENIENT idea anyone has ever had.

FWIW, they did not use BMW (or even OEM, as far as I can tell) glass; it's DOT certified, but has no ECE certification. I'm not unhappy about this, though. The stock glass is such cheap crap (mine had inumerable pits and chips) that I can only think this stuff must be better.
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