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Mickey33 said:
Kind of with the topic of this post...

Starting with a basic understanding of mine: DVDs hold more data than CDs...

...does anyone know if the DVDs that will be sold/come with the new system are any bigger? As in, not have to buy 6-7 CDs to cover the entire U.S. of A. - you will/can just get one (or not that many more) DVDs?

Because, if one DVD is the same as *all* the CDs, then I would be tempted to say that it would be a very worthwhile upgrade - especially as I have become extremely fond of my NAV system - and having one disk for the entire country would be very convenient.

Of course - my understanding about DVDs vs CDs could be way off. In that case - never mind! :)

Thanks for your time.

Clyde (at work only, not home) seems to be the DVD man as of late, maybe he can offer his incredibly deep wisdom on this one. :rolleyes:

I myself will refrain from offering any information that may be construed as being DVD-related for fear of being bullied into submission.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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