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As it says.

I currently have roadstars with black centers, silver lips, and want a change.

going to put e46 M3 rears on my car. I've test bolted and they need a pretty big spacer, i tried them with 10mm and clearly not enough. I'm thinking somewhere between 20 and 30 mm.

Stock height in back (bilstein HD, stock springs), 245/40/18s for now, probably go to 255/40/18s when they wear out ( i know they're a bit taller but i'm swapping to 3.64s in the rear so i don't mind).

Have replica 17s for the front, 35mm offset, so i'm going with 225/45/17s.

Anyone have any personal experience, i've seen a few posts with 20mm (1 with 15 and 1 with 25mm) spacers, but wondering if I could/should use a bit more?


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