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My 2000 M Coupe's alternator failed.

Bought a new one. Turner recommends the 140amp Bosch as an "upgrade" and lists nothing else for my car.

My source had Bosch 140a, Valeo 140a, and Valeo 80a. So I went Bosch 140a.

What I found was, the wires on the car are too short. The ring terminals are the same diameter, and the dust cover/boot thingy are identical. But on the factory alternator the terminals are near the 'top' and the + lead is shorter (closer to the center of the alternator).

On the Bosch, the terminals are down low, and the + terminal is the farthest away one. It looks like I'm a good 3" short from being able to reach the + terminal on the alternator.

Anyone been through this before? I guess I could rig something together with some longer wire, but I don't want to hack it up too badly. There's a ziptie about a foot away; I could cut that and hope it buys me some slack, but it really doesn't look like it will. Plus I'd have to make sure whatever I do, the dust boot fits over the wiring.

Incidentally, there are 2 other problems with the Bosch 140a, for anyone who cares:
One is the pulley -- turns out the OE part for this car is a 115amp Valeo, and you can't use a Valeo pulley on a Bosch. I figured this out on my own -- it looked like it would be off by 5mm, and sure enough, Turner says to get a different pulley. Fine, ordered, pulley will be here weds.

The new one also has a round air hookup for air cooling. It takes a hose that looks bigger than a radiator hose and a hose clamp. I don't need it. It'll slightly block the installation, but I can work around that, no problem.

Anyway, hopefully my trials will help someone else, and I hope someone else has dealt with the wiring issue.
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