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Hello everyone.

A while since I've been on here, thanks to working 7 days a week ***x1f613;

So, my 2010 520d - which I've had for over 3 years has been great to me. No troubles at all, until December 2018. Timing chain rattle made short work of eating the better part of £800 (done by a local BMW specialist which I've used for servicing in the past). So, theres me quite happy thinking my car is back to being 'good as gold'.


Let me start off by saying, in no way do i think the problem i currently have is related to the timing chain and/or guides replacement.

2 weeks after the chain was replaced, I was joining onto a fast moving duel carriageway. I used the kick-down to gain speed and expecting the car to briskly gain speed as it always has - it didn't. Instead it very slowly increased in RPM and speed after it had down-shifted.

Never mind, i thought. Maybe it was just me not accelerating enough. Didn't think anything else of it. But then, a week after this i had 3 passengers in the car and were travelling on some road which were quite uphill, i noticed the car would be reluctant to gain speeds - not just on the inclines but also on fairly flat parts of the road too. It felt as if though something was causing a blockage or something. The DPF crossed my mind as i had not noticed a regen since it initially developed the problem

For a week or so after i would keep the car in Sport mode and drive a little briskly (of course as safely as i would normally) in the hopes the higher revs from the sport mode would clear any blockages. Seemed as though it didnt help, until last week, used the kick-down and the car briskly picks up RPM and speed. GREAT, i thought whatever was causing the problem has resolved itself. Also noticed the car regenerating 5 or so miles after (it regenerated 3 times in 2 days - not normal i know but i figured it's doing what it needs to do)

Again, driving on the motorway, attempted to overtake so i kicked-down, auto dropped down a gear or two and NOTHING. The revs from the downshift landed on just over 3000rpm and stayed there for 5 or 6 seconds until suddenly climbed speed (as if the engine suddenly woke up and realised i needed more power).

Since then i have had this problem on and off. Regardless of number of passengers, regardless of road incline etc. Put your foot down and very very slowly the RPMs and speed will increase.

I've searched online for a few weeks now but cannot find anyone who has a similar problem to me. Hence this post.

I have only noticed the problem when the engine temp is at 100°C. Before that it seems to drive normally (picks up speed just fine.) Apart from that, there are no other 'requirements' before the problem starts.

I have had the specialist have a look (he ran some diagnostics as well as taking the car for a test run) but reports no faults. Told me to keep an eye on it and call in again if the problem persists.

I'll be honest, it doesnt affect me as such during normal driving situations. But puts a downer on the whole driving experience knowing my car as an underlying fault where i can't pick up speed.

Any help would be massively appreciated.

Bit about my driving:
I use the car every day (minimum 30 miles - start stop traffic as well a short motorway journey.)
Only use Shell for fuel.
Never missed a scheduled service.
Keep the engine revs below 2k until the temp guage has reached 50°c.
Not afraid to put my foot down (until now)

Bit about my car:
2010 520d N47 engine @ 107k miles.
Sports automatic transmission.
Full service history (by BMW main dealer & BMW Specialists.)
Last time it was on a long motorway journey was at 99k miles.

Hope i haven't missed anything off this essay, but please ask as many questions and you can. Fingers crossed i can get to the bottom of this issue.

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