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nav ratrofit problems

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I got all my parts in this week to do the nav retrofit in my 325i 2005. anyway, i'm sitting in the garage now, i got all the parts installed and connected, but the screen doesn't come on when i turn the car on. everything else works. the screen even folds down when i press the arrow button, but it doesn't seem to function any other way. What could i have done wrong? I've checked cables, they seem to be all snug in their places. This is going to drive me crazy. Can anyone recommend anything? is it likely i got a bad screen? I got it from that tim fellow in germany.
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sbhatia said:
Can any one post how to remove the climate control (2004 330i) from its location for Nav retrofitting if you dont have the special tool (2 L-shaped metal scales)? Will any flat metal scale do? Does any one have a picture/description of what holds the climate control in its console?

I can't even recall how I did this, but it wasn't particularly difficult. I didn't have any special tools, so they aren't really necessary (or I was very lucky).
If you search on my name you ought to find a thread on nav retrofitting that has a link to the DIY that I used.
BTW, I ended up with some screws left over; apparently the nav screen doesn't use as many as the non-nav setup.
sbhatia said:
I just retrofitted MK4 Nav in my 2004 330i (which had Assist). I discobnnected and removed the original GPS antenna and placed a new Nav antenna - that is now connected to MK4. Today - when I took it to dealer to recode - diagnostics said that ASSIST had no antenna (no surprises). But dealer could not code the car - as the computer indicated that "TCU not responding". Does any one know what does this all really mean? My delare did not have much clue?

What is TCU (is it the DVD Nav computer)? Is it Assist module - or some other central controller?
Could disconnecting ASSIST antenna cause this problem?
Can any one please shed some light?

I believe the TCU is the Bluetooth Module. You ought to be able to leave the Assist module connected to the antenna and connect a cable from the Assist module to the Nav computer. I had removed my Assist module in favour of a Bluetooth TCU and had the car coded for the TCU before I did the nav retrofit. I never took my car to be coded after the nav retrofit because it didn't need it.
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