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I've ordered my new E46 with the Nav System. Could some of you please list the features that you think are really cool and interesting. I've heard that you can set it up to list POIs along your route. Does the Nav Lady come on and verbally tell you that you are approaching them or do they just show up on the screen?
What about the extended OBC functions? What can this do that the standard OBC doesn't do? Any and all "tidbits" of information would be greatly appreciated.

P.S. My only concern is that when giving directions, the Nav Lady's voice will sound like my former wife's voice telling me what to do. If so, is it best to remove the system from the dash first, or am I obligated to shoot it while it's still connected to the car? LOL


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I think the NAV OBC has 2 trip consumption features. Just learning the thing myself. I think there should be a board just for the NAV system.....
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