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Navi Question

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I test-drove a 330i today (no 330ci's were available) and later got to play with the navi system in a 2002 M5.

I was going through the controls and the salesman told me that the 3-series with navi didn't have DSP(?) (digital signal processing? Looked just like a software-based equilizer to me) like the 5's I was using did. I asked him how you control the bass/treble etc on the navi version, and he said you can't.

Is this true? I thought the Navi units were the same on the 3-series and the 5 series?

Any info would be great

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Your salesman is an idiot. Tell him I said that. :rolleyes:

The nav unit operates pretty much independent of the audio system. Wether or not you have DSP or HK or whatever the hell stock stereo you have does not determine how the nav functions, nor vice versa. He is RIGHT that the 3 series does not have DSP but ALL, I repeat, ALL BMW stereos have bass and treble settings.

Tell him to do some [Oops!] research on the cars he's trying to sell.
Thanks HACK, I had a feeling he was wrong. :confused: I couldn't imagine a $40K+ car lacking simple audio controls like bass and treble.

It seemed to me that all of the audio functions were accessed through the Navi display, so I just assumed that the stereo was completely integrated into the navi unit.

In the 2002 330ci w/ navi (or 325 w/ HK upgrade perhaps?), how do you access the bass/treble settings? And are there any other sound settings for the stereo?

As an aside, this dealer wanted $895 for the cd-changer (installed) in the trunk. Is it just me, or is that unreasonable? Maybe I need to look around for a different dealer...

Thanks again,
SONET said:
I asked him how you control the bass/treble etc on the navi version, and he said you can't.
Are you sure that's what he said? That's unbelievable... incomprehensible. Damn. :thumbdwn:

My advice: take a trip up to Cutter in Santa Barbara.
Plaz 330i said:
And here's my nav now: :D

:D :D :D

It's Plaz's fault! :thumb:
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