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The Navigation screen (Professional, I believe) displayed the menu screen on the drive home after purchasing my 2005 BMW Z4 two weeks ago. I had started the Z4 a number of times before purchase and the screen seemed to display the menu every time even though I did not play with the unit to understand how to switch from FM radio to Navigation etc. The screen was doing its odd flipping and the internal motor seemed to be trying to either open or close the flip screen. Something was broken since I saw small pieces of plastic belonging to the screen cover.

I decided to remove the vent, radio/CD player (CID Control, CD or MD?) and (flipping!!!) screen. There are great instructions on this website and YouTube. My screen cover clips and the motor gear mechanism were obviously broken. I decided to epoxy glue the cover and removed a gear from the motor to prevent from doing further damage when trying to open and close the flip screen.

Reinstalled the screen and radio. Now no menu on the screen but the radio/CD player worked great. Over the past four days, I have turned on the ignition two dozen times but the menu screen has only shown up 5 or 6 times. Every time the menu shows up, I can use the system perfectly and switch between all four modes and operate the Navigation system perfectly. Even when the menu does not appear the screen glows differently when the ignition is on. The menu, when it appears, always stays on and does not seem to quit until I turn off the ignition. Then if I turn on the ignition again, almost always, there is no menu. But the radio will always turn on and I can switch modes but only from memory since I have no screen.

Half way through this trial and error process, I decided to totally remove the motor and its wiring and sure enough I got the menu on the screen 25% of the time as usual. I have wiggled all the wiring connections on the screen and radio but I can't find something that would cause the screen menu to turn on or off. A couple of times the menu screen appeared while hitting some button on the radio.

I have searched this forum and others plus the internet for suggestions and clues. No luck.

My radio/CD player works great every time and the Navigation etc. functions fine every time I get a menu screen. Something seems loose or I have a much bigger problem. HELP!

Does anyone have electrical diagrams of the electrical plug/socket of the flip screen and the radio/CD player CID control?

How would I know if I had the CD or the MD type CID control?

Is there any way to test my electrical circuits to the flip screen and radio/Cd player?

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