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Navigation System X5 E70

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I have a 2012 X5 Premium and live near Kansas City, MO. The navigation system cannot find many popular shopping/dining locations in the Kansas City, MO, area - especially the downtown area, the Plaza, and Union Station.

Early in 2015 I tried to enter the address for Granaeur German Restaurant, 101 West 22nd St, Kansas City, MO, 64108 (816.283.3234) into the navigation system. The system could not find the location &, therefore, could not direct me to the location. I attempted several other addresses (all known good addresses) in the downtown Kansas City area without success. I updated the maps with item Number 65902408179, "BMW NAM UPDT 2015 CIC via USB on/about 13 Feb 2015. The navigation system still could not locate any of these popular addresses in the downtown Kansas City, MO, area.

Recently I tried to find the Apple Store in the Country Club Plaza, 4712 Broadway Street, Kansas City MO, 64112,but the navigation system could not find the address.

The locations I tried to find existed long before my BMW was built - many years longer actually and I am extremely disappointed that BMW has failed to identify & correct this defect.

This is UNSATISFACTORY and should be corrected w/o cost to owners without further delay.

The Plaza & Union Station areas (addresses I was trying to reach) are extremely popular tourist sites throughout the Midwest and are well established (and easy to find) on the internet. When will BMW correct this defect in the navigation system?

After updating the maps in Feb 2015 - still could not find any of the places that show readily on Google/Apple/Yahoo maps.

Has anybody else noticed this problem? Is it just my map system or is the defect more wide spread?
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For example, in the time it took me to toggle my way through the nav menus to get to the nearby restaurant listings, my wife, on her cell, had voiced the request on Google maps and had more accurate and updated listings.
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