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Navigation value

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I am debating getting the Tech Package versus just the rear view camera and park distance control. We have a Garmin and the Google navigation built into our phones seems better than the X3 navigation as far as accepting voice commands.

Obviously having the built-in Nav is more convenient. The larger screen for the rear view camera and the advanced bluetooth are also pluses.

Is the Nav worth the extra $1800? I wonder if it will help or hurt resale in say 8 years. At that point it could be a relic and another thing to fail.

Thoughts? For those of you that have it, are you happy you got it?
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You dont need any of it in my opinion. The X3 is very small and very easy to manuver. I have the whole package in my new Jeep and find it completely gimicky..If you need a sensors AND a back-up camera...perhaps you should choose a more suitable vehicle to match your driving skill (or lack of it?!?)
I forget, most people today do not know what their side view mirrors are for.
If you are accustomed to backing using your side view mirrors, looking at the center stack for another viewpoint is completely distracting.
At the end of the day, the smart ones will still look at a map and get an understanding of where they are going and what it takes to get there.
We have a pretty elaborate GPS/chartplotter/autopilot that is all interfaced on our boat that, to a novice, would seem to completely replace a paper chart. A novice would only make that costly mistake once, and hope his or her misfortune can be fixed with only a checkbook.
My point: once we completely rely on what is in the dash instead of what is mounted to our necks, we have lost the battle.
1 - 3 of 29 Posts
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