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Hi All,

I was wondering if we can have a upgrade to our existing navigation systems to show current weather and forecast.

Imagine, if we can see the doppler radar superimposed on our navigation map, that would be awesome.
Also we should be able to see the forecast supeimposed on navigation map.
Basically the information from,just say, superimposed on our navigation in realtime.

This can be on-demand basis.

What Iam thinking is, our car is already connected to satellite phone (BMW ASSIST)

We can dialup through that line, and get the weather info. Much like using a dialup modem to connect to Internet. By default it can provide us with the radar image of our current location and maybe we can enter a zip code and get it for different location.

(I am not sure if it's possible for cars without ASSIST but with Navigation)

But wouldn't that be cool feature to have. Weather on your navigation?

I know Acura has something similar for traffic information, coming through XM satellite radio.
Can't we do it through the satellite phone?

Hey, may be we can dialup and check our emails and browse also :)

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"Can" we have it? Im not sure what you're asking.

Certainly, the technology exists to do what you mention. But I know of no plans for BMW to offer such features in the immediate future. Considering how deeply the iDrive system is integrated into the overall 'computer system' of the car, an aftermarket solution would be quite extensive and expensive, perhaps to the point of not being 'worth it' for a company to develop. And who would install it?

If we are making wish-lists, I'd much rather have real-time traffic information on my NAV system than doppler radar. This isn't a sailboat, it's a car . . .
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