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NBT Online Entertainment

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Hi Guys.

I'm trying to enable Online Entertainment on my NBT car, but its not letting me.

The first thing I checked of course if it was available in the ConnectedDrive app store; it wasn't. It would have been available had the car been 6 months or so newer (when they started putting the touch-sensitive iDrive controller in) but not in my vehicle. I phoned up BMW ConnectedDrive customer services and they advised me that "every car is different" (not much help there) and that its only available if their computer says its available.

My car is April 2013 build. I believe that it was between March 2013 and around September 2013 that they did NBT systems without the new touch-sensitive controller.

I have the latest ISTEP level for my car, and the NBT iDrive system. I also tried enabling "OE_ENABLE" in HU_NBT but it did not do anything, not even show anything up in the ConnectedDrive store.

I'm really scratching my head over this one. I'm prepared to pay for the 'app', but I just want it to work with my car. I've got the latest hardware, latest ISTEP, so how come its not allowing me? Is it something at their end preventing it from doing so? Even then, that makes no sense for BMW - they could make another sale of their app!


(N.B. I have a BMW 640d M Sport Coupe (F13). I'm sure the same story goes for a 5 series of the same age.)
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It's not possible to activate Online Entertainment on a pre-lci car (for F10/11 pre 07/13).. You can see the entries but they will have no function. Your car will not have any provision for OE on the BMW server and you will also not be able to order OE. This feature is only available in the store for lci-cars.

So you have to use Apple Music or Napster&co.

CU Oliver
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