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I am starting the NBT retrofit shortly. Have all the parts, but I have realised that going with a new display behind the plastic cover in the E60 mount is a dumb idea.
So first I got an extra CCC display and wanted to cut it, but the end result would still be a display too far away for easy touch.
So got to thinking why not do what BMW did in the follow on model - bring the monitor/display forward closer to the driver.
So I could just spend a ton and buy a monitor from an F10 to see if it fits. Thinking of the 10.25 inch monitor - but since I am not made of money (reason for keeping my car) I was wondering if anyone here have done so or have a monitor they could put in front of the original E60 display and take a picture.
I don't mind if I have to make a custom fitting, but if it is too large then it will be a dead idea from the beginning.

So hope one of you nice people out there can help..
Found this picture online, but this was done with an Android display so may be too different to use with an original BMW monitor - but hopefully you get the idea..

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PS - should you think of another 10.25 inch display from say a G, F or what ever series that would fit then please don't keep it too your self..


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Did you find that photo from BMW Doctor (formerly Doctor Dean) on Youtube? A while ago I saw him mount an Android (sort of like an Avid unit) that sat in the front of the display area of the dash rather than recessed.
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