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NBT2 Evo update maps with region change on X6 F16, but navigation don't work

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Hi, everyone!
At the end of last year, I was engaged in changing the region and language NBT EVO using the FEMtoEVO program (from Japan to EU). The region has changed, the maps have been updated, the Carplay is working. But recently I decided to check the work of the navigator (I hadn't even used it before) and noticed that it incorrectly determines the location and shows a thousand kilometers from the real one.
I went to the service menu to view the info of GPS. There is no information about satellites (GPS status: Reserved), and nothing is displayed at all about the software version (empty).

The map itself is displayed correctly. Radio, Bluetooth and other works. NBT evo with ATM unit. Before the change of the region, navigation definitely worked. Is it possible that GPS is not working because the battery in the ATM unit is dead? I disabled it via BUB_FITTED in E-SYS so that there would be no "SOS" notification.

Can someone suggest what can be done?


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Check if there are any faults related to the GPS? Check also if the gps is coded.
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