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NCS Express PDC Volume has no impact

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Since the upgrade from factory amp (Hifi system - Option 676) with Match Up 7BMW the PDC volume is very loud. Every instrument sound (dong, full hour beep, etc) is loud but the reverse parking sensor is the most annoying. So decided to reduce the volume. There's no CCC menu option to adjust the volume and I don't believe there's any direct way to adjust the volume.

So i relied on NCS Expert. Under PDC module the code LAUTSTAERKE_HINTEN ("Rear Volume" in English) seems to be it. Values range from wert_02 to wert_07. Old value was wert_06. I changed the value to wert_02 (lowest). But there's no audible difference in the rear parking sensor beep volume. I repeated this day later and changed to wert_03 still no luck. I have confirmed new values are accepted by reading after saving.

Does anyone know why?