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Just got back from a dyno day. Had a lot of fun, there were quite a few nice cars there. A stock E46 M3 put down just a hair under 300rwhp. A Dinan supercharged E36 M3 was there that did 280rwhp. A couple of Supras put down over 400rwhp each. We had the one of the BMW One Lap cars which did about 300hp and 300 ft/lbs on a couple of runs.

They put me in after the Supra's... tough act to follow...

Corrected to flywheel using the standard BMW loss that is 223 hp. I was getting a little timing retard on the top end so it should be even better if I can square that away.

There were also two E30 M3 there with their amazing S14 engines. Both had the Euro airbox, exhaust and Conforti chips. Ones best was 173 the other did 178. Those things sounded awesome on the dyno and revved to over 8k each.

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